It is our mission to ensure that our institution has a safe, healthy, positively energizing, intellectually challenging, learning and enjoyable environment, committed to engage students in active, collaborative and technology based learning methodologies and to develop formative and summative assessments of student earning. High-quality and student cantered learning shall be achieved using modern tools and technologies significant research and teaching for understanding frame works.

It is our mission to develop empowered individuals-individuals with self confidence, capacity for critical thinking and discovering, with a belief in them and their own capacity to deal with whatever life may bring.

It is our mission to create accountable citizens - individuals able to contribute to community life building tolerance and discipline based on understanding, able to understand the functioning of the society and their role in it and able to deal with social issues and conflicts. Our institutions shall cultivate a learning community of students, academicians, researchers and professionals.

It is our mission to develop a student with knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values which enhance diversity. Continuous development of a student's physical and psychological capabilities and talent are effectively imparted through professional coaching and training in sports, artistic personality enhancement activities.

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