• >> Admission to the various courses of study, shall be open all persons, irrespective of their race, creed, castor class.

  • >> For Class 1st onward, the T.C. Has to be duly countersigned by the Inspector of School.

  • >> The parents have to abide by the rules and discipline set by the school authority by signing the declaration letter or the admission will be cancelled.

Refusal of Admission

  • >> Age limit for Nursery (2 yrs.), LKG (3 yrs.), UKG (4 yrs.), I to X (5 to 15 yrs.) the Principal may, however can grant relaxation in age.

  • >> Students who fail in all the compulsory subjects or twice in the same examination shall not be readmitted in the same class. The principal may in exceptional cases permit admission to such student. A student shall be refused admission if his/her conduct during any previous stay in the school has been unsatisfactory. A student who has been expelled or rusticated shall not be admitted to another class without the prior approval of the Principal. This approval is fully dependent on the Principal itself.

  • >> In case not governed by the above, the Principal reserves the right to refuse the admission without assigning any reason.


  • >> A clear calendar month's notice in writing to be given in the office before a student is withdrawn.

  • >> All dues must be cleared till that month in which the T.C. is to be issued.

Admission Enquiry