From the Principal's Desk

Ms. Beula Jacob

Jacob School was established in 1988 with an aim to promote a system of integral education, which emphasizes the unity of all knowledge. An effort is made to organize an environment affording inspiration for the development of body, mind and spirit, along with the values of truth, honesty, integrity and arduousness. It serves the needs, purpose and interests of the "whole child" in every child.

The temple of humanity is built on the foundation of character. The School provides value based education which includes aesthetic, ethical, spiritual and moral education under the tutelage of expert and experienced teachers. Mediation is important and peace of mind while facing in familiar and global scenario. The School is dedicated to the culmination of happiness in life within the precincts of life.

At Jacob School, the student's emotional, physical and intellectual ducats are shaped with the energies of perseverance, thoughtfulness, dedication and support. A professional, empowered and motivated faculty ensure the overall growth of the student. This equips the students with an innovative and educational way of learning and in the process become the torchbearers of tomorrow.

With aspirations and hopes, I believe...

A Story of thirty years of cheered history, For some, it may be an unsolved mystery. For proud Jacobean, it's a journey of endless dedication,
Each day filled with unlimited devotion, We spread the fragrance of jacobs far and wide, We bask in its glory and glow with pride!! Calling for an ecstatic jubilation and celebration and being a true Jacobean...

Ms. Beula Jacob


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